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3D donut cake

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Anime Eeveelution

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Flare Flare fruit!

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Ocarina of Time meets Skyward Sword

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Right Back At Ya!

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Gemmy C.

From my initial inquiry all the way to the delivery, everything was great! Cory did a fantastic job answering all my questions, helping me decide my options of cake sizes and design! I went ahead with a cake from the anime/manga One Piece – a devil fruit cake – and it WAS AMAZING! Beyond my expectations but looking at his cake portfolio I already knew it was gonna be well done! Everyone at our party loved it and couldn’t stop taking pictures ~ the details on the cake were very on point. My boyfriend and I had a hard time cutting the cake because it was way too awesome to cut away 🙁 but nonetheless, we served the cake to our party friends and we all enjoyed the red velvet. I would love to order again from Cory, I just wonder what next! 😉

Stephanie G.

Cory helped me create the Sailor Mercury/Ami cake for my sisters big 30th birthday, and everyone loved the cake! He was really helpful in the whole design process and made it really easy to put together the final design. I was really impressed with the final details, especially the tuxedo mask locket (which my sister loved the most). Also took extra steps because I wanted to keep the fondant decorations after – which he also taught me how to do. Thanks Cory, would definitely order again for a special occasion.

About Cory

About Cory

Cory Profile

Hi!  Cory here!
I’m just a simple cake artist and designer that loves to make sweets and delicious creations. Especially with a nerdy and geeky spin on them!

I didn’t always know I had a talent for making cakes you know. One day, I decided to go for something new instead of my boring old job and decided to enrol at Vancouver Community College for a Baking and Pastry Arts program. The rest was history as it was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes to the wonders of baking. After graduating, I worked as a bread baker and later, a cupcake baker. From there, I decided I wanted to do something of my own!
I thought, I love nerdy and geeky things… and I love cake and sweets….

So why not combine the two?!

… and that is when I started this sweet little adventure with Hey! Cake This! Custom Cakes and Creations!

With creativity, fun, and your ideas, I am sure I can make a wonderful cake just for you!
Have an Idea? Come to me and say “Hey! Cake This!”





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